Reconstruction of roads in Govandi:

The condition of roads in govandi was very bad as they were not reconstructed for over 15 years. Elected representatives had neglected the development of the area and the main casualty of this lethargic attitude of this was that govandi resembled some remote village. Inspite of being part of Mumbai govandi was never connected to the mainstream of Mumbai. Rickshaw drivers use to refuse to travel to govandi and they use to drop the passengers on the main road due to which even elderly people and pregnant women had to walk great distance.

The situation had to change when Shri Abu Asim Azmiji got elected as MLA as he was dedicated to the development of Govandi. Rais Shaikh made it a mission to ensure that all roads in govandi would be reconstructed. And today most roads from Road No 1 to 15 are reconstructed along with 90 ft road which has been concretized.

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Abu Asim Azmi